Satin fabric makes this smooth as silk!

20th Century Box Shorts, FAB WATCH VIDEO!
20th Century Box Shorts, FAB WATCH VIDEO!
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"20th century shorts were nicely made! Thanks!" - Bob McEntee, New York

Two handkerchiefs are tied together and the knots are placed in front of a man's pants with the idea of passing the handkerchief through the his body. When the knots are pulled out a pair of shorts are seen tied between the two handkerchiefs ! Come complete with gimmicked handkerchiefs, shorts, and instruction sheet.

Don't be misled by the other cheaper versions on the market! This outfit is sewn here in our studio. It's quality is unsurpassed - we have designed the 'hanks' 20" in length so the 'load' is nearly inconspicuous! This plays BIG on stage! The pink and black spots allows you to perform this effect without embarrassing the spectator using a real pair of 'underwear' - This is FUN!