Fred Kaps Card To Wallet*

Fred Kaps Card To Wallet*
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One of the greatest 'Card in Wallet' Wallets ever invented.... No gimics to find or gimmics to reset...

Ever since Ed Balducci introduced his Card in Wallet effect in 1958 there have been a number of variations on the market. The effect of having a signed card mysteriously appear inside the zippered compartment of your wallet is so powerful that every professional has used it at one time or another.

The KB/Balducci Wallet has a number of features to make the handling easier. Instead of the note pad, the KB Wallet uses a plastic guide to help you load faster. The guide goes along with the card as it enters the zippered compartment. If you need to reset, working from table to table, all you have to do is lift the tab and you're ready to repeat the effect.

The wallet, made of quality English leather (not the cologne, silly), is pliable and easy to handle. There are plenty of places to hold credit cards, money, business cards and more. It really is a practical wallet that you can use every day.

We include an extra pocket which can be affixed inside your jacket. It lowers the wallet so it is easier to load without having to bring your arm up to shoulder level.

Should you want to find the card inside a sealed envelope in the zippered area, we have added a built-in leather flap.

Eric DeCamps calls this "the wallet for professionals." We call it the KB/Balducci Wallet. Manufactured by Keith Bennet in England.